The Best Smelting Process of Aluminium Basic Ingredients

Melting refers to smelting process of aluminium basic ingredients at high temperature until it melts and becomes homegenous. Smelting or melting occurs in a furnace called melting chamber or melting furnace. After smelted, the basic ingredient is then molded into a Billet Aluminium with various dimensions and solidity levels adjusted to the desired or established specifications.

In the first melting stage, we use the best basic aluminium ingredient for Luxurium products. This allows us to manufacture high quality extruded aluminium products to meet both domestic and international market demands.


At present, PT. Langgeng Makmur Aluminium owns two billet manufacturing sites with 25-tonne capacity in each one that has the capacity to produce 2,000 tonnes every month, and we are planning to double it to meet the market demands.


The Best Aluminium Products Start from The Best Basic Ingredients

We constantly maintain the quality of every billet in accordance to the established standards to meet customers’ needs.

At present, we own two billet production sites with 25-tonne capacity in each one, allowing 2,000 tonnes of production capacity in every month, and it is planned to be doubled.



Integrated and Certified Luxurium Extruded Aluminium Industry

In producing Luxurium extruded aluminium, PT. Langgeng Makmur Aluminium has acquired the ISO 9001:2015 certification in our Quality Management System (QMS). As a company that observes our surroundings, our company has also obtained an accreditation in environmental management done by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service). Furthermore, our Coating Powder finishing process in Luxurium extruded aluminium products has already acquired Certificate of Approval by JOTUN.